Young Devyn is an up-and-coming Brooklyn rapper who just dropped her debut EP, Baby Goat. Drawing from her influences of Nicki Minaj, Lauryn Hill, Lil Baby, and Cardi B, Devyn bases her lyrics on her everyday conversations and life experiences. Devyn believes that cursing is often used as a substitute for good writing, and as such writes her songs without any profanity. She’s been writing music since the age of twelve.

KSCU was invited to an exclusive release event promoting her new EP, Baby Goat. During the event, Devyn primarily talked about the process she went through making this new EP. She has been strongly influenced by her Trinidad ancestry, particularly Soca music, which traces its origins back to Trinidad and Tobago, and can be heard in many of her songs. The contrast between my two favorite tracks of her EP, Act Bad, a hard-hitting rap forward track, and Secret, a slower track over a beat reminiscent of One Dance, reveal her impressive musical range. She played a couple of unreleased songs which will hopefully be released following her EP. We recommend giving the record, particularly the song Secret, a listen.

— DJ Herbs and DJ Ad In