Bass you can feel from Safeway. Guitar shreds that thump in your heart. Sax solos that slice through the night air. Bandcamp had it all. This event, hosted by our school’s music aficionados in the back yard of an off-campus house Friday night, brought many crowds together, those in bands, their fans, and those just looking for a fun night out. Crowds shuffled into the beautiful back yard, where they were able to see their favorite student bands play underneath the wisteria vines. By 7pm, the yard was packed. Standing shoulder to shoulder, cheek to cheek, everyone wanted in on the music. People spilled into the side yard, up onto the roof, and beneath the lemon and orange trees. Those who were lucky enough to get a front row seat might have been able to see the genius spilling from each musician as they bled passion into the speakers. Those who didn’t, could still feel the music possessing a restless foot, a rouge clap, or even their entire bodies into swaying. Several times, the crowd broke into mosh, and keen eyes would see it not as an explosion of music powered rage, but a delicate and precise organized movement, each participating soul enthralled by Happy Gaming’s “Stealing from Whole Foods”, having no choice but to submit to the musical hive mind. Overall, the event was a hit, and one can only wait to see these musicians in math class or at Benson before they decide to take the stage again.