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Fisher Block Party #

Review by Lucas Bautista Etchegaray #

Last October, we attended the Fisher Block Party in Oakland, California. This was an eight-hour house concert featuring two stages, street food trucks, and an impressive lineup of house artists. We were all super excited to go, especially given that the event was only 18+, and it did not disappoint.

Fisher Block Party
Fisher Block Party 2022

The streets were completely closed off for the day, and the event spanned multiple city blocks in the middle of downtown Oakland. The setup was impressive, with two stages featuring some of our favorite producers in the house scene. We spent most of our time at Stage 1, where FISHER was headlining. He performed a high-energy set, playing some of his most famous songs such as “Losing it” and “Stop It”.

Given that securing a good spot would only become more difficult as the day got later, we accepted the fact that we would not be able to move much. Inner City and Sosa UK were also great performers, and we loved the mix of classic and contemporary house music. We also checked out Stage 2 in between food/bathroom breaks, where we caught sets from some of the lesser known house artists. The vibe was definitely a bit more lowkey, but it was still a nice place to recharge from the chaotic scene of Stage 1.

In between sets, we explored the food and drink vendors, which featured a variety of local food trucks. The prices were reasonable, and the variety of options were surprising for a one day only concert event.

Overall, we had an incredible time at Fisher’s Block Party. The lineup was great, the atmosphere was energetic, and it was clear that the event was well planned out. The only downside was the lack of seating options, as we ended up having to stand for close to 7 hours straight that day. If you’re a fan of house music, we highly recommend checking out Fisher’s Block Party next year. With tickets costing less than 100$, the value for the price easily makes it a must-go concert.

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Matt Barri at The Morrocan Lounge #

Review by Brian Burnett #

Last month I went on a trip to Los Angeles and saw my good friend in concert. His name Matt Barri and he makes electronic pop music.

It was an interesting experience because it involved my posse of friends going to a part of town we had never encountered before, to a venue we have never heard of before - The Moroccan Lounge. Upon arrival we were met with an immense line of people coming to see the headliner, our friend Matt was his opener. The artist he opened for was the biggest he’s ever done so we had to come out and support him. Passing the bar in the entrance we entered the concert venue itself.

It wasn’t anything too spectacular, but the stage production was magnificent and amazing visuals were set up on the projector behind Matt. Many visuals were psychedelic in nature and truly added to the experience. The first 20 minutes of his music was purely electronic, hard bass music which I’ll admit is not my cup of tea, nonetheless the technical prowess in the production and DJ’ing was apparent. Matt has been producing music for as long as I have known him, since we’re both 12, and that experience shows in his music.

The Morrocan Lounge
Image courtesy of the Morrocan Lounge.

The most memorable part of this concert was when he started singing his new single which hit on a lot of emotions he had been talking to us about recently. Emotions about a somewhat recent ex he had broken up with. I’ve never personally known the musician at a concert before, a new layer is added when historical context is added. The sheer power and force of his musicianship was astounding. His singing was great, but the charisma he brought was so ecstatic it made everyone wanna dance. It truly made me more appreciative of the potentially emotional nature music has, not only has on the audience, but also the singer.

The combination of excitement in the audience, my friends singing, and the visuals behind him made it an exhilarating experience. Although a concert experience new to me - EDM music - and I don’t necessarily listen to this type of music on my own time, I came out appreciative of the mechanics of playing such music.

Sometimes you’d think DJs don’t do much on stage, maybe just a turn a knob or two, but given my knowledge of his years of musical production I knew the effort was real, and that made me love every second of it.

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Poptopia #

Review by JJ Xu #

The Poptopia Concert in San Jose was a night to remember for me in the Bay Area. Headlined by the energetic and charismatic Pitbull, the show also featured rising star Lauv, who wowed the crowd with his smooth vocals and infectious pop hooks.

Pitbull was in top form, delivering hit after hit with his trademark swagger and showmanship. I danced and sang along to fan favorites like “Timber,” “Give Me Everything,” and “Fireball,” as well as newer tracks like “Don’t Stop the Party” and “Feel This Moment.” With his high-energy performance and Latin-infused beats, Pitbull had the audience on their feet from start to finish.

Lauv also impressed with his set, showcasing his range as a songwriter and performer. He performed hits like “I Like Me Better” and “Modern Loneliness,” as well as newer tracks like “Love Somebody” and “Fake,” which showed off his ability to blend electronic and acoustic sounds.


Overall, the Poptopia Concert was a great showcase of the diversity and talent in the pop music world. Pitbull and Lauv both brought their A-game to the stage, delivering performances that left the crowd buzzing with excitement. It was a night of pure pop pleasure, and one that I won’t soon forget.

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