Happy week 6 Broncos! Here are three album reviews and recommendations as you go into your second round of midterms, or start preparing for your finals.

Middle Sister - Isabelle Stillman #

Review by Carson Killer #

Middle Sister, the debut album by Isabella Stillman, is an intriguing blend of various genres, showcasing the artist’s versatility and range as a musician. While I personally didn’t find myself completely drawn to the album, I must admit that the diversity of styles and sounds present on Middle Sister is impressive.

One of the standout tracks on the album is “Driving Alone” which features a bluesy guitar riff and soulful vocals. The track is raw and gritty, with lyrics that speak to the heartache of lost love. The following song, “Fine” is a complete departure from the previous track, with a pop-infused beat and catchy hooks that are sure to get stuck in your head.

As the album progresses, Stillman continues to mix things up. “Kid” has a folksy feel with acoustic guitar and harmonica, while “Worry” has a dreamy, electronic sound with airy vocals. The album closes with “Truth Is,” amballad that showcases Stillman’s emotive vocals.

Overall, Middle Sister is a solid debut from Isabella Stillman. While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, the album’s diversity of genres and styles is admirable. Stillman’s ability to seamlessly transition from blues to pop to folk is a testament to her talent and creativity as a musician. I would recommend giving this album a listen, even if it’s just to appreciate the breadth of Stillman’s abilities.

Favorite Songs #

The Diet - Cullen Omori #

Review by Grace Roy #

The Diet, Cullen Omori’s sophomore album, is a contemporary approach to 70s rock and provides the listeners with a psychedelic and love-filled piece that is an easy and extremely satisfying listen.

The use of reverb and weepy guitar licks are deeply nostalgic, despite the record being released in 2018. Its lyrics are full of hope and adoration in its purest form, telling the of loving someone beyond their imperfections and accepting them for who they are.

Happiness Reigns is one of the most beautiful encapsulations of the thrill and true happiness that comes with unconditionally loving someone. the dreamy guitar to uplifting drum rhythm and hopeful and accepting lyrics like “The tears in your eyes/Your fingerprints and common sense/Have probably saved my life/Oh baby, please don’t cry”. The reason this song is so intriguing is because it doesn’t exactly align with the traditional idea in rock of putting your love interest on a pedestal. The love described in this song is real, authentic and loving someone for who they are and how they love you.

Another track that I particularly adore is Four Years, the first track on this beautiful album. Like Happiness Reigns, this song is not a romanticized version of loving someone, but a description of the way love feels through beautiful chords and truthful lyrics like “you do so many things/ And I love you for it/but I usually forget”. It’s upfront honesty yet beautiful composition are an accurate representation of how it feels to love someone yet not be able to properly articulate your feelings, something Omori captures so well.

This album is not larger than life, grand, or triumphantly, but it is humble and and mystifying.

Favorite Songs #

A Bath Full of Ecstasy - Hot #

Review by Vanish Malik #

Hot Chip’s 2019 release “A Bath Full of Ecstasy” is a stunning album that captures the band’s signature blend of electronic beats, catchy hooks, and introspective lyrics. With this album, the band explores themes of love, connection, and transformation, using their unique sound to create an immersive and emotionally resonant experience for the listener.

The album’s opening track, “Melody of Love,” sets the tone for the rest of the album with its upbeat, danceable rhythm and heartfelt lyrics about the power of love to transform and heal. Lead singer Alexis Taylor’s vocals are at their most soulful and expressive, conveying a sense of hope and optimism that carries through the entire album. Other standout tracks on the album include “Hungry Child,” a pulsing, synth-driven ode to the hunger for human connection, and “Positive,” a joyful celebration of the power of positive thinking and the importance of staying connected to the people and things that bring us joy.

Throughout the album, Hot Chip’s intricate electronic production creates a lush, immersive sonic landscape that invites the listener to get lost in the music. The band’s use of live instrumentation, including guitars and drums, adds a human touch that grounds the electronic beats and gives the music a warm, organic feel.

At its core, “A Bath Full of Ecstasy” is an album about connection and transformation, about the power of love to heal and transform us. With its irresistible hooks, catchy beats, and heartfelt lyrics, it’s an album that invites the listener to dance, to sing along, and to connect with the world around them in a more meaningful way.

Overall, “A Bath Full of Ecstasy” is a powerful and engaging album that showcases Hot Chip’s unique sound and vision. It’s a must-listen for fans of electronic music, but it’s also a great album for anyone who loves music that speaks to the heart and soul. So why not dive in and take a bath full of ecstasy?