KSCU Program Schedule


Modern Rock
7:AM - 9:AM

Student Action News Show
9:AM - 10:AM

Two Dope Boys
4:PM - 6:PM

Revolution, Rhymes, and Rhetoric
6:PM - 7:PM

Robots Attack
7:PM - 9:PM


The Crossroads
8:AM - 10:AM

The DJ Violet Show
2:PM - 4:PM

Most Rockin Jukebox
5:PM - 7:PM

Rock Treatment
7:PM - 8:PM

Suburban Banter
8:PM - 9:PM

The Birds and the Beats
9:PM - 11:PM


Delirium Show
7:AM - 9:AM

80's Underground
11:AM - 1:PM

The Bottom 40
1:PM - 3:PM

3:PM - 5:PM

Dragon's Finest
5:PM - 6:PM

Rock Around the Clock
6:PM - 8:PM

Rock & Roll Restroom No. 5
8:PM - 10:PM


Blue and Blue
8:AM - 10:AM

Music Mixology
5:PM - 7:PM

Canorous Resonance
7:PM - 9:PM

The BZ Show
10:PM - 11:PM


The Mixed Files
7:AM - 9:AM

Progtology 101
10:AM - 12:PM

The Modern Things
12:PM - 2:PM

Audio Upgrade
2:PM - 5:PM

Power Pop Show
5:PM - 7:PM

Modern Mayhem
7:PM - 9:PM

Misguided by Voices
9:PM - 12:AM


Steel Corey's Rock Zone
8:AM - 10:AM

The Electric Fix
6:PM - 8:PM


Blues Trio
9:AM - 1:PM

Electric Hi-Jinx
5:PM - 7:PM

Oden's Ride Over Nordland
8:PM - 10:PM

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